Wow!  That’s all I can say is WOW!!!  God certainly was moving last night in Sikeston at the Field House.  I am so honored to have been part of such a great event.  It was great to be home and have the opportunity to share the Gospel.  I realized before the event as I was backstage that the last time I was on that particular stage was when I graduated High School in 1999.  I walked across in 1999 as high school graduate, I walked across that stage tonight as a new creation on fire for Jesus.  I shared a word that God put on my heart out of Joshua 1:2.  God showed me something about how we “Get Ready”.  He also gave me this phrase “God provides the promise, You pursue the plan”.  In other words, it is God who plants the seed of promise in us.  God always works in seed form. He plants a promise and purpose in each of us.  Then it is up to us to seek him for the plan.  In Joshua chapter 1, God show us that His plan is for all of us to meditate on His work, keep it on our lips, obey it in a way that we never turn from it.  God is telling us that we must know His word by reading it so it will get into our heart and then come out of our mouths.  When we do this, we are able to fix our eyes on Him.   Follow me here, but it’s in this reading of His word that God strengthens us and encourages us.  He says “Be strong and courageous” 3 times to remind us that we can access and activate His strength and courage in any and every situation in our lives. God is with us and His presence is all we need.  Because of this, we can now BE strong.   We don’t have to fear.  Fear is a lie.  Our fear does not increase God’s power.  Our faith releases His promise.  It’s time for us to “get ready”.  The actual Hebrew word in verse two means to “RISE” or “get ready”.  In other words we have to MOVE.  The plan is for us to RISE up and MOVE with our eyes fixed in HIM.  The plan is for us to RISE up and focus our eyes on Christ.  Our posture cannot be “hey God, I’m sitting here with my hands out, I’m getting ready for you to just bless me”.   No, God is saying you must RISE up and follow the plan I have before you.  You must trust and obey my word.  You cannot get stuck looking at your circumstances.  You must RISE up!!  God will provide the promise, YOU MUST RISE UP AND PURSUE HIS PLAN!!!!

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