Gospel of John

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I’ve really been enjoying this new series.  I felt like God was wanting us to dive into a book of the Bible, but I didn’t feel like He was calling us to go verse by verse like I’ve done in the past.  I’ve been attempting to paint a picture of what the Gospel of John is all about.  Ultimately it is about Jesus, but he specifically says in John 20:31 that it is for us to believe Jesus is the Messiah and that in our believing we may have life in His name.  So there are two things to which he is pointing.  One is to believe the truth, the other is to experience true life change in our continual believing.   It’s in the daily decision to believe that we experience Christ.  Hebrews states we are to “fix our eyes” on Jesus.  It’s in this daily fixing of our eyes that our minds are renewed (Romans 12:2).  John is pointing us to something bigger and greater than ourselves.  But we must first lift our eyes to where our help and salvation comes from.  Lifting your eyes requires a decision.  Will you lift yours?

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