Uncover – Week 3 Additional Thoughts

“Following Jesus” is one of those phrases that Christians throw around like pictures of our kids on Facebook.  But what does it really mean to follow Jesus.  This past weekend might have been the toughest of this series for us to hear…so far.  We looked at a passage of scripture in Luke 9 that isn’t one of those warm and fuzzy pieces.  It’s certainly not one you see many people post on Facebook.  So what do we do with a passage like this?  I think being challenged by Jesus is not a sign that you are weak or that you are not a Christian.  I actually think that is a sign you are following Jesus.  You should feel challenged by following Jesus. Why, you ask?  Because we live in a world that runs counter to Christ.  Therefore, you will be challenged from all different angles.  When you are truly following Jesus, you will feel pressure from the world (and Satan).  When you have a place in your life that you haven’t surrendered to Christ, He will reveal how tight your fingers are clasped around it.  The result is you will be challenged.  Then the ball is in your court to respond to this pressure.  Do you trust Christ or yourself?  Do you follow the wisdom of this world or the one who knows all?  “Wow, preacher, you make it sound so easy”.   Yes, I hear you.  Here’s the truth…it isn’t complicated.  That doesn’t mean it’s easy to face a challenge.  A tough challenge can be simple.  So the simple answer is we actually follow Jesus.  We lean into Him even when things don’t make sense.  We lean into Him even when we don’t understand.  We lean into Him even when we feel like giving up.  Following Jesus means we look past the challenge and we look at Christ.  He’s above it.  He’s in control. And He will never leave us.

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