Week 4 – It’s NOT Fair

“IT’S NOT FAIR!!!”  Wow, if I had a dollar for every time I’ve heard that.  Mercy.  I don’t know about you, but when I hear that phrase I immediately think about angry kids.  Kind of like the funny YouTube video challenge that Jimmy Kimmel does year after year on Halloween where he asks the parents to trick the kids into thinking that the parents ate all of their Halloween candy and just record the reaction of the kids.  It’s funny and disturbing at the same time.  But then I remember how often we adults use the phrase.  And if you are quick to say that you don’t say that phrase or haven’t for a looooooong time, then I bet you have at least thought it.  I think it’s fairly (see how I did that) natural to want things to be fair.  I mean, we all want to be treated fairly.  And I do think most people want to see others treated fairly.  The kicker is when I’m treated unfairly and someone else is being blessed…or what I like to call the comparison crick.  Have you ever got a crick in your neck.  Like when you fell asleep on the couch with a bad pillow, in an awkward position for waaaaaaaay too long.  Often times we get so fixated on other people and the path they are walking that we get a crick in our own neck.  When we look back at our path we feel pain because of the comparison we’ve allowed in our minds and now we feel like it’s not fair.  Why do they have it easier? Why is their path better?  Why do they get all the breaks? And the comparison list goes on and on.  It’s really sad.  In fact, it’s not fair.  But who said it was going to be “fair”?  Jesus didn’t.  Jesus said “take up your cross and follow me”.  He never said it would be fair.  He never said your path would be better than all others.  He didn’t promise your life would be easy.  He simply said “Follow me”.   This is usually the point in the discussion where people who aren’t following Jesus start to back up when it should be part where we lean in.   “I thought this was going to make my life better”.  Let me ask you this, what is “better”?  I think Jesus wants to remove your idea of what “better” is and replace it with fulfillment, peace and love.  Outside of Jesus, you won’t experience a more fulfilled life, surrounded by peace even in the storm and drenched in a love that knows no boundaries.  This is why I say it’s not about a path, it’s about a person.  It’s about Jesus.  Believe me, there’s no comparison.

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